Fashioned over many centuries by the all-powerful Rhône, the Camargue delta is a unique site in the Mediterranean, indeed in the world. Here, the sky, earth and sea seem to come together, seasoned by the wind, water, sun, and a large pinch of salt: the perfect place to get away from it all, enjoy a multitude of new sensations, and perhaps discover some of the many remote and unspoilt beaches.

In terms of nature, ponds and lagoons are interspersed with ‘sansouïres’, salty marshlands where glasswort plants grow. Alongside the reed beds, the source of roofing for many of Europe’s thatched cottages, Camargue white horses, the sturdy local breed, live in harmony with the black bulls, recognisable by their upturned horns. More than half of the 660 species of European birds can be seen in the Camargue. Among them, you can’t miss the colonies of pink flamingos, coloured by the small shellfish  they love to eat. (Text: Vacances en Camargue website)