The history of St Cyr comes to life in the Musée de Tauroentum or Tauroentum Museum. Bearing witness to our past and guarding our heritage, the site attracts more and more visitors every year, drawn to the magic of the location and the exceptional view over Les Lecques bay.

From the legend of Tauroentum to the Villa Maritima

Legend has it that the current site of the Museum was the location of the Greek city of Tauroentum, which disappeared “beneath the waves” in the 3rd century AD. The site also has traces of a large Roman settlement from the 1st century onwards, in which some 2000 inhabitants once lived in a vast ‘villa maritima’ (seaside villa). The Museum today contains three rooms housing an important collection of objects found in situ, including amphoras, coins and glassware, as well as a remarkable set of sepulchres.